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Saruni Samburu


Pangolin Photo Safaris at Saruni Samburu by Andreas Knausenberger

All the magic of Samburu, northern Kenya and the beauty of Saruni Samburu safari lodge captured by Andreas Knausenberger’s in this epic film of what happened when Pangolin Photo Safaris (http://www.pangolinphoto.com/) met Saruni!

A Safari Dream: Gliding Over The Saruni Experience

From sunrise to sunset, this video will take you on a journey of incredible views, fascinating culture, teeming wildlife, breath-taking landscapes and magical encounters that are all part of a Saruni safari.

The Essence of the Saruni Safari Experience

The lazy, hazy days of the Saruni safari experience awaiting you in our lodges & camps across Kenya. Wallowing hippos, crossing zebras, snacking hyenas, playful ellies and charming, local guides, this evocative film from talented @PhilipDickenson of @yogafornature/#yogafornature, has it all. Sit back and let us take you there.

Thumb Rock in Kalama Conservancy Time lapse from Saruni Samburu

Thumb Rock in Kalama Conservancy is the landmark that guides you home to the lodge after a day's game drive. Watch how this iconic point of reference changes light throughout the day in this time lapse video from our lodge manager.

#WhyILoveSaruni Winner with this Saruni Samburu Approach

Re-live the excitement of arriving at the 'hot rock' - Saruni Samburu - for the first time. Is this a road or a cliff edge? This film by past guest Jeff Wendorff won the 2016 #WhyILoveSaruni Competition for its creativeness.

Iconic Samburu taken by a Guest

In this evocative compilation of photos and video created by a guest for our exclusive use, discover the magic of Saruni Samburu, its staff, the community, the wildlife and its surroundings - the Kalama Conservancy. Immerse yourself in this iconic northern Kenya landscape.

Samburu Baby Ellie learning the ropes

Samburu, northern Kenya is famous for its gentle elephant herds which gives any guest visiting Saruni Samburu (www.saruni.com) on safari plenty of chances to get up close and personal with our resident ele families. Check out this adorable baby elephant getting to grips, literally, in this amazing technicolour landscape it is lucky enough to call ‘home’. Video credit: Philip Dickenson of Yoga for Nature #yogafornature.

The Conversant Traveller’s Saruni Samburu Walk Through

Saruni Samburu luxury safari lodge in the Samburu National Reserve, Kenya, including a close look inside the romantic honeymoon suite, villa 5 as shared by Heather and Pete Cole of the Conversant Traveller (http://www.conversanttraveller.com/)

The Conversant Traveller’s Samburu Safari Game Drive

Join our recent Saruni Samburu guests - Heather & Pete Cole's of The Conversant Traveller (http://www.conversanttraveller.com/) as they explore Kalama Conservancy and Samburu National Reserve. Find out what it's like to go on safari, what you'll see, and just how beautiful this African landscape is. Keep an eye out for the cool cat lions, the cute cubs, and the dancing giraffes.

Entry into the #WhyILoveSaruni annual Competition

Taken by guest Lisa Kaplowitz and entered into Saruni's #WhyILoveSaruni competition this video brilliantly shows the cultural immersion on a safari with Saruni. Get to the know the Samburu firsthand.

Entry into the #WhyILoveSaruni annual Competition

Taken by guest Will Axtell and entered into Saruni's #WhyILoveSaruni's annual competition - this video features a Saruni safari staying at Saruni Samburu, Saruni Mara and Saruni Wild.

Happy Samburu Elephants following rains in northern Kenya

You’ve heard the expression – “happy as pigs in muck”, but what about “happy as ellies in the river following much-needed rains”?. After months of drought, there’s happiness in every moment of these contented ellies in an abundant Ewaso Nyiro River in a green and lush Samburu, northern Kenya. Check out the little ones! www.sarunisamburu.com

Travel to Africa and be prepared to have your heart stolen

Explore the expansive savannahs, watch the magnificent wildlife in their natural habitat, meet the local tribes and relax in the luxurious lodges. For a safari that combines adventure with luxury, stay at Saruni lodges and take part in black rhino tracking; an experience enjoyed by very few safari travelers.

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